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I grew up in NH around and owning horses- the first at 9. Big, small, old, mean if it was a pony/horse I didn’t really care (:  Never had a trailer of my own but bummed us rides and competed at local open, regional and 4-H shows. Then came college and for a short timeI  was horseless, but as soon as I was gainfully employed I got a sound but slow OTTB mare who lived through several moves for my professional career. 

Came to Texas in 1992 with that mare and other young horses and discovered the Icelandic Horses quigte by mistake in 2000 and have had up to 6 at a time. We had an active Texas club and some great times trekking in Iceland, hosting/attending Icelandic clinics, demos and trail rides. Buried my heart horse 3 years ago at 28 and recently found a new partner in Iceland just this summer. He recently came home from Iceland via Iceland Air overnighting in Pilot Point (Equine Express) in a Bockmann !  He’s settled in with the herd including a cute Friesian Cross. I’ve had several 2 horse trailers and a nice GN. When I wanted to downsize our vehicles a couple years back. I looked for a safe 2 horse trailer that my SUV could safely pull, yet serve my work needs as a farm inspector. From the sale of my low mileage F250 diesel and GN, I built a barn.  


Frequently Asked Questions

ABSOLUTELY- It is now. Boeckmann has just announced that the already awesome Portax family of trailers will now include four new longer models !!!!!!  Portax L SR, Portax L SKA, Portax L E and Portax L K .  Look for diagrams and more info in the coming days. These trailers are in such high demand in the other 30 countries that sell Boeckmann, the first ones ordered in June 2017 will be available early 2018- so don’t wait to get yours. 

ABSOLUTELY NOT- Cars with 93” wheelbase or SUVs with 100” wheelbase, that develop 125 HP,(V-6 and Tow Package Rec.) can easily and safely tow these trailers.

The Europeans, who have dealt with expensive fuel costs forever, but refused to give up their equestrian lifestyles. The Germans have perfected it with the Boeckmann trailers.

Yes, most of these trailers place only 211 lbs on your vehicles hitch. The new Portax with extra size and tack rooms place just 220 lbs on your hitch- still not very much and one reason a smaller vehicle can tow a Boeckmann.

No!! The Boeckmann family has been making their trailers since the 1950’s when their own family rode and competed with horses and they needed safe, comfortable and convenient transportation. Boeckmann Horse Trailers hold a huge share of the European market. They are presently sold in more than 30 countries.

Boeckmann Trailers, developed in the 1950’s are sold in over 30 countries worldwide but only recently became available to purchase here in the US. Boeckmann Texas Trailers is only the second Boeckmann dealership in the US ! 

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Superior German
Engineering and Manufacturing

A success story which began in Germany in 1956. In pursuit of developing the best possible trailer and because the company’s trailers are used for the Böckmann family’s personal horses, they have been continually improved over the years. Böckmann has become the market leader for horse trailers. From the lower ramp angle for loading, to the Multi-Safe System (MSS), the following standard features were developed as a result of the family’s experiences with their own horses for over 60 years !

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