Big Trailers

Big Champion WCF

Big Champion WCF

Entry price - Big trailer! 2 horse to 18hh Two 33” wide stalls - Adjust the stall length and chest bar height to accommodate different horses and ponies. Galvanized steel chassis with anodized aluminum double wall panels and floor, MSS: External release on all stall bars, lateral kick plate, treaded ramp entry, 2 pop-out tinted windows, hay net and tie rings, stall light (blue/white), wall pads + chest bar foam covers, Saddle Cupboard E/W. Choose from 12 Böckmann colors for roof/bow!

Portax E/ SKA/K WCF

Portax E/ SKA/K WCF

The Portax offers versatility! 2 horse to 18hh Portax models have higher side walls to allow the support of the front walk-off ramp, seen on the “K” model (above). Galvanized steel chassis, anodized aluminum double wall panels/floor, front panoramic window, single lateral sliding windows, roof vent, lateral kick plate, treaded ramp and two 33” wide stalls . Rear Door-Ramp Combo: converts rear ramp to step-up entry (Std). Portax E: 2 Tall Groom doors, English saddle cupboard Portax SKA: 1 Tall Groom door, Eng/West Saddle cupboard + 2 access doors Portax K: 1 Tall Groom Door, Front Walk-Off ramp, Saddle cupboard E/W.

Big Master

Big Master

Elite Polyester trailer! 2 horse to 18hh Big Master is built on a rounded galvanized steel chassis with reinforced polyester walls & aluminum double panel floor. Two 33” wide stalls, MSS: External release on all stall bars, lateral kick plate, treaded ramp entry, 2 pop-out tinted windows, hay net and trailer tie rings, stall light (blue/white), stall wall padding and chest bar foam covers. Offered with either English or Western saddle racks. Choose from 12 Böckmann colors for the polyester fenders + side brace covers, body & roof.

Technical Specifications

Models icon payload icon length total icon weight total icon height total icon length interior icon width interior icon height interior icon weight total
master wcf big 01Big Champion R  5291lbs 15' 4" 7' 6" 9' 11' 2" 5' 9" 7' 6" 3088lbs
Portax E SKA KPortax E/SKA/K  5291lbs 15' 5" 7' 7" 9' 2" 11' 5" 5' 9" 7' 6" 2912lbs

Big Master LBig Master

5291lbs 16' 2" 7' 7" 9' 11' 8" 5' 9" 7' 6" 3071lbs

Böckmann Standard Features


Lockable cast-iron 2” coupling on all Soft-top protection (not on Esprit)


Emergency External Release of Front and Rear Stall Bars


“CFF Plus”: All Wheel Comfort Suspension


Big master WCF track cupboard (English above) Western available


8-pt bolt connection to the longitudinal beam and galvanized steel chassis


Patented rubber safety treads and side stops on 5’ ramps


Aluminum floor – double web design for strength; keeps floor cool


“WCF Plus”: All wheel world class coil spring suspension