the Portax Series

With the Portax family both horse and rider experience top notch comfort before, during and after traveling. The models Portax E & K have a sparkling new design and combine handling with loads of space. Portaxes come standard with the rear ramp/door combination. Regardless if you are a breeder, trail rider, competition, trainer or veterinarian, the countless number of comfort and safety features make it a perfect companion for everyday equestrian life. Prefer an front exit ramp-look at Portax K. Need even more room? No problem. The Big Portax, Big Portax Cross and Mega Portax models have a very generously dimensioned interior, and the additional accessories as well as the extra large tack room leave nothing to be desired.

May 2017. Just previewed in Germany - Three new Portax models with tackrooms and one with a dressing room. Order yours now.  

Portax L(Long) E well-equipped at 19,195 + any options, tax, shipping

Portax L(Long) K (front ramp)-well-equipped 19,900 + any options,tax,shipping

Portax L(Long) SKA well-equipped at 19,825 + any options, tax, shipping

Portax L(Long) SR well-equipped at 20,315 + any options, tax, shipping 


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