US Models

  • Adjustable chest/butt bars
  • All wheel mechanical brakes
  • All-wheel CFF-Plus shocks (except where WCF is indicated)
  • Automatic jockey wheel
  • Black kick plates
  • Black plastic fenders
  • Clear PVC on tubular steel stall divider
  • Galvanized steel chassis
  • Hay net hooks
  • Independent torsion suspension
  • Interior lighting
  • Multi-Safe System: adjustable bars for stall length and bar height
  • Ramps covered with Böckmann’s safety treads & side stops
  • Rubber stall mat glued and sealed to floor
  • Spare wheel & cover
  • Trailers are rear ramp-loads, optional front ramp some models.
  • Saddle Chest Kits include: broom, shovel, net, & mirror on door.

- Easier Access -

A full 5′ ramp, allows horses to be balanced with all 4 feet on the same plane walking on and off.

The Champion Series

The Champion series features Böckmann’s strong and long lasting anodized aluminum walls and floors. Created for horses up to 17 hands (Champion), or up to 18hands (Big Champion). Well protected by the anodization process, the Champion models are cool and sporty with all the standard safety features for horse and rider. The walls come a standard silver color. The fibreglass portions of the trailers (roof and bow(front) in Champion R- roof only in the C models) are also in a standard silver color but may be ordered in metallic colours of anthracite (speckle black), dark blue or green at no additional cost. Boeckmann standard roof & front bow colours also include Flame Red, Metallic Red, White or Yellow – as an option. Other RAL colours may be ordered, as an option.

The superstructure is constructed of double web profile anodized panels – the strongest profile available. These panels house air pockets which act as insulators for the horses riding within. Equipped with the European mechanical braking system, galvanized steel side braces and chassis, Champions provide both safety and stability for your horse.

The Big Master/Comfort Series

The Master series is Böckmann’s beautiful FRP class. Created for horses up to either 17 hands at the withers, or up to 18hands, the Master models are unequalled in the features they offer horse and rider. Smooth lines, a rounded chassis and generous stall sizes allow more storage room for your tack and for your horse.

  • New to the US this season- the Sporty/Affordable trailer in the FRP series, the Comfort is the high end trailer for two 17 hand horses at an affordable price point. The chassis is built on the wedged shape Comfortable Suspension Chassis (CFF-Plus) with an aluminum floor. Offering a saddle chest with 2 telescoping saddle racks for English saddles, bridle hooks, a drying rack and shelf, broom, shovel, mirror and net on door. The Comfort offers some great color choices beyond Silver, Dark Metallic Blue, Dark Red, Dark Green or White. Make your trailer a statement in- Bright Green, Flame Red,Royal Blue, Orange or Magenta! These trailers in a solid color are a virtual canvas for our Large Decors. Combinations of two colors looks great as well.


  • The Big Master available to order until July 2019 offers elegant front-to-rear styling and roomy appearance. As a new standard feature it even has matching single-wheel polyester fenders as well as matching polyester side strut covers. The superb driving comfort due to the world-class “WCFplus” chassis designed to German automotive standards – and the generous interior space allowance all do justice to the design. Some great colors available- Using the optional Jan Kunster Decors design your own masterpiece!

The Big Master

The Portax Series

With the Portax family both horse and rider experience top notch comfort before, during and after traveling. The models Portax E & K have a sparkling new design and combine handling with loads of space. Portaxes come standard with the rear ramp/door combination. Regardless if you are a breeder, trail rider, competition, trainer or veterinarian, the countless number of comfort and safety features make it a perfect companion for everyday equestrian life. Prefer an front exit ramp-look at Portax K. Need even more room? No problem. The Big Portax, Big Portax Cross and Mega Portax models have a very generously dimensioned interior, and the additional accessories as well as the extra large tack room leave nothing to be desired.

May 2017. Just previewed in Germany – Three new Portax models with tackrooms and one with a dressing room. Order yours now.

Portax L(Long) E well-equipped at 19,195 + any options, tax, shipping

Portax L(Long) K (front ramp)-well-equipped 19,900 + any options,tax,shipping

Portax L(Long) SKA well-equipped at 19,825 + any options, tax, shipping

Portax L(Long) SR well-equipped at 20,315 + any options, tax, shipping

The Portax L

The Portax Long series exemplifies generosity of space in a moderately sized horse trailer. Designed for vehicles that can tow 2500kg/5512lbs, the Portax L models are extensions of the regular Portax models, seen on the regular Portax series page.

Each Portax L model offers a different saddle storage, and utility of the extended 65cm/26″ of additional length. The Portax LE, LK and LSKA models leave room for additional hay bales at the front of the trailer, offer the same great saddle storage of their regular-size counterparts and allow the rider a change space within the horse stall.

The Portax LSR for horses up to 16.2 has an innovative small separate tack room design with shelving, boot jack, seating, saddle racks and more.

Finally, the Big Portax completes the Long Portax series, providing the most generous of horse stalls and the largest tack room of all Böckmann 2 horse trailers. Also exhibiting some of the key storage features found in the LSR model…but to Big Portax dimensions!

Choose from 11 standard colors and to customize your trailer’s polyester parts, add a decor by Jan Kuenster, or pick an accessory to make your life on the road easier. Böckmann makes it easy to be efficient and look good doing it!

Measurement Data

NOTE: Not all trailer sizes are available at this time, Please check out our inventory page to see what models we have in stock!