the Portax L

The Portax Long series exemplifies generosity of space in a moderately sized horse trailer. Designed for vehicles that can tow 2500kg/5512lbs, the Portax L models are extensions of the regular Portax models, seen on the regular Portax series page.

Each Portax L model offers a different saddle storage, and utility of the extended 65cm/26" of additional length. The Portax LE, LK and LSKA models leave room for additional hay bales at the front of the trailer, offer the same great saddle storage of their regular-size counterparts and allow the rider a change space within the horse stall.

The Portax LSR for horses up to 16.2 has an innovative small separate tack room design with shelving, boot jack, seating, saddle racks and more.

Finally, the Big Portax completes the Long Portax series, providing the most generous of horse stalls and the largest tack room of all Böckmann 2 horse trailers. Also exhibiting some of the key storage features found in the LSR model...but to Big Portax dimensions!

Choose from 11 standard colors and to customize your trailer's polyester parts, add a decor by Jan Kuenster, or pick an accessory to make your life on the road easier. Böckmann makes it easy to be efficient and look good doing it!


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