Portax Large Series

2 Horses and All the Tack You Can Pack

Compact, Yet Spacious!

The Portax Large series exemplifies generosity of space in a moderately sized horse trailer. Designed for vehicles that can tow 5512lbs, the Portax L models are extensions of the regular Portax models, seen on the regular Portax series page.

Each Portax L model offers a different saddle storage, and utility of the extended 26″ of additional length. The Portax LE, LK and LSKA models leave room for additional hay bales at the front of the trailer, offer the same great saddle storage of their regular-size counterparts and allow the rider a change space within the horse stall.

The Portax LSR has an innovative small tack room design with shelving, boot jack, seating, saddle racks and more.

Finally, the Big Portax completes the Large Portax series, providing the most generous of horse stalls and the largest tack room of all Böckmann 2 horse trailers. Also exhibiting some of the key storage features found in the LSR model…but to Big Portax dimensions!

Choose from 11 standard colors to customize your trailer’s polyester parts, add a decor by Jan Küenster, or pick an accessory to make your life on the road easier. Böckmann makes it easy to be efficient and look good doing it!

Rugged & Ready for Transport


This hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis measures 17.5’ in total length. With the aluminum floor covered by fully secured and sealed original rubber mats, horses are treated to the smoothest of rides the WCF suspension can provide. The axles are made for heavy loads, up to 5591lbs and are secured in 8 points to longitudinal beams under the floor panels.

Böckmann builds for strength, safety and durability!


The chassis supports extruded anodized wall panels of anodized aluminum to create the sleek Portax models. These double web wall profiles allow for an air pocket to mitigate the effects of the external heat and cold Mother Nature provides. The goal is to keep the horses as cool for transport during warm weather, and to be warm enough during the cold weather seasons,

Capped off with the strength of the polyester roof and front bow, you can match your trailer to your barn, farm or tow vehicle colors. The polyester is not a heat transfer material keeping your horses cooler during transport.

The optimum in air flow is achieved with a roof vent for the ingress of air, double lateral windows on both stall walls and an adjustable storm canvas that can be entirely open, closed or with a screen vent opened during transit.


The extra 26″ of trailer length is put to good use-providing additional access doors, space for features like portable feed/water buckets, room for hay storage, for saddling your horses, or room for you to change!

The swiveling stall Central panels allow you easier access to the horses while on board. Edges are smoothed, safety systems for the horses installed, and clever utilization of space makes the Portax L series the one to notice!

Series Options

The Portax LE allows even more room to work around your horses while on the trailer. Saddling, grooming, adding travel bandages/shipping boots can all be accomplished easily. Double lateral windows on each side of the trailer creates an even airier space. Comfortable access to the saddle chest from each side of the trailer, with the freely rotating saddle carousel makes life simpler. The added portable feed/water buckets mounted on each side wall is one less item to pack!

Walk in the back…and out the front!

Böckmann makes it even easier for the long-backed horse to walk down the front ramp, with this extended Portax K version. The Portax LK now offers an additional full height groom door on the right, alongside the front walk-off ramp. Easy access to check horses on both sides of the trailer. The Portax LK saddle chest is designed for both English and Western saddles.

This trailer is ideal for older horses that need to care for hind-end injuries when exiting the trailer, for teaching young horses to load, and for the rider that ships on their own.

The Western version of the Portax LE is the L SKA model. The Portax L SKA differs from the regular SKA model with its extended floor space in between the horses and the saddle chest.

Offering a very generous saddle chest that easily holds 2 Western saddles (English saddles as well!), the saddle chest is accessed from outside the trailer, with a secondary tack access door found inside the horse stall similar compartment as found in the Big Master saddle chest).

With the central post and swiveling divider panels, accessing your horse to prepare for riding or trailering is a breeze.

The Portax Model every Rider has asked for – the Portax LSR!

The LSR model creates a unique front change & storage area. A complete separating wall keeps your tack clean from the straw, shavings and hay of the horse stall. Complete with a flip up seat and boot jack for dressing, the LSR dressing room has 2 shelves, multiple bridle pegs, a whip stowing tube, 2 swiveling saddle racks for English/Western saddles, 2 mirrors and nets for storing competition and clinic papers. Additional feed bucket brackets allow for bucket storage when not in use. Secure your tack… add some hay bales…hitch and Go! The perfect weekend get away trailer!!

If you need space – the Big Portax is for You! Arriving with generous 36″ wide stalls, typical horses 15-17hh can travel already tacked for your event. Have a larger draft cross, or a horse that grew to be more generous than expected- this is their trailer. A taller, wider trailer than the rest of the Böckmann line means a larger storage space for your gear.

The full dressing room can store an upright Böckmann tack trunk, saddle racks for both Western/English saddles, multiple bridle pegs, 2 large storage shelves, step stool broom shovel, mirrors- and lots of floor space- makes this the ultimate in a bumper pull horse trailer.

The Big Portax looks to the large SUV as the tow vehicle as it weighs in at a GVWR of 2700kg/5952lbs. With a max 4% LTW allowed in the EU, the Big Portax only places 238lbs of LTW on your tow vehicle.

Dress it up with a large Küenster decor and choose your color of roof and front bow to make your Big Portax trailer distinct!

Measurement Data

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Standard Features

All Böckmann Horse Trailers for North America include:

  • Adjustable chest/butt bars
  • All wheel mechanical brakes
  • All-wheel WCF-Plus shocks & Coil Spring Suspension
  • Automatic jockey wheel
  • Black kick plates
  • Black plastic fenders
  • Clear PVC on tubular steel stall divider
  • Galvanized steel chassis
  • Hay net hooks
  • Interior lighting
  • Multi-Safe System: adjustable bars for stall length and bar height
  • Ramps covered with Böckmann’s safety treads & side stops
  • Integrated locking coupler
  • Rubber stall mat glued and sealed to floor
  • Spare wheel & cover

Trailers are rear ramp-loads with the Door-Ramp Combination- converts to a Step-Up, or makes it easier to load hay bales, pallets of shavings or feed.

Saddle Chest Kits include: broom, shovel, net, & mirror on door