Portax Series

Reasons Why People Love the Portax

Robust & Feature Rich

The Portax series is one of Böckmann’s most robust anodized aluminum class. Created for horses up to 18hands, the Portax design offers features that the other Böckmann series do not. A front panoramic window, roof vents, and lateral sliding side windows offer an open and airy design with lots of natural light.

The Portax Series has the elite WCF Suspension as a standard feature, along with the Door-ramp combination – offering a quick switch between ramp load and swing door for stepping in horses, or moving items like hay bales or shavings with a farm loader. Unique saddle storage features are found in each of the Portax E, Portax K and the new Portax SKA models.

Well protected by the anodization process, the Portax models offer a traditional horse trailer with full “person” height groom doors, or a model with both a rear loading and front off-loading ramp, with all the standard safety features for horse and rider. The polyester portions of the trailers (roof and front bow) come in a standard silver colour. Other standard polyester colours available include of deep orange, flame red, magenta, royal blue, yellow-green(bright lime), yellow or white; or metallic colours of red, dark blue, green & black/anthracite. Other colours may be ordered, at a surcharge.

You can choose between models with or without the front off-ramp. Your choice of saddle storage options for both English and Western tack- small or full height cupboards – or an entire anteroom, found in two models- a small anteroom in the Portax LSR or a larger one in the Big Portax.

The Portax L Series provides the Rider with 26″ more floor space- allowing room to change apparel, store hay bales, or work with your horse. The extended versions of the 4 standard Portax models provides the flexibility the Rider of today seeks. The Portax L series has been designed for the SUV that can tow 5500lbs.

This Trailer Has Everything You Want


Built from hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis, the Portax rides on the superior WCF Suspension- an independent torsion suspension with a coil spring, rubber dampers, independent swing arms and added shocks for the smoothest ride for the horse. An automatic jockey wheel mounted on an integrated lockable 2″ coupler allows the rider to easily raise or lower the chassis frame for hitching purposes and moving the trailer by hand around the yard.

The Saddle Carousel


Anodized aluminum web profile panel side walls – 2100 mm high – always a silver finish-topped with a metallic silver roof. Different roof colors are available (accessory). The rear loading ramp is a full 5′ in length with gas shocks as lifting assists. Two steps on rear ramp allows you to step up and control the canvas lift with integrated net. Böckmann anodized aluminum flooring provides strength and longevity. The trailer front is wedge shape with a polyester front bow which holds the saddle storage area. Each model offers Groom/Escape door(s) in the horse stall area and unique saddle storage areas from small cupboards to large anterooms.

Panoramic front window, lateral sliding windows, and roof vent provide lots of light, and air flow control. Single black plastic fenders complete the look. All trailers for North America come with a mounted full spare wheel, and wheel chocks.


The inner stall offers padded walls and a bright white roof color. The rubber flooring is glued and sealed to the aluminum floor beneath.

The loading ramp is covered with rubber integrated safety treads and side stops – preventing slipping in inclement weather. The Multi-Safe stall bar system + quick external release allows you to adjust height of the stall bars and the length of the stall. In an emergency the chest and rear bars can be released from outside the trailer. The chest bars have additional foam black bar padding. The transparent PVC partition is mounted on anodized aluminum swivel panels, and is easily swiveled left or right to accommodate a more open stall space for loading. Interior lighting is found in the stall area. Black lateral kick plates complete the inside stall walls.

All Saddle chests contains 2 saddle racks, hooks, a net on the door, a broom with telescopic handle and a plastic shovel. Type of saddle rack varies by model. Portax SKA and Portax K models can support both English & Western Saddles, Portax E is suitable for English only.

Series Options

Offering a Saddle storage compartment easily accessible from either groom door, the Portax E makes tacking up your horse simple.

Slide the swinging stall dividers out of the way to tack your horse on the trailer.

Attach a folding mounting step or add a head divider! Make the trailer your own by choosing your colour of roof/front bow, and add a Decor!

Walk-On the Back…and Off the Front – The Choice of Veterinarians!

Both back and front stall divider panels swivel easily left or right to accommodate a more open stall space for loading… and unloading at the front of the trailer. The curb-side horse exits first, with the front half divider swiveled to the right allowing the road-side horse to cross the front of the trailer and down the ramp.

Step up conversion now a standard feature, along with the smoothest ride of the WCF suspension.

Same great internal space as all Portax trailers in the series. Offering saddle racks for Western tack (English too), the Portax SKA model access to the saddle cupboard is from outside the Driver’s side of the trailer, with swiveling racks that extend out the door for ease of loading saddles. The center-post swivel divider offers options to work in the trailer and around the horses.

Lockable solid aluminum storm flaps, and stallion head dividing wall are options installed at factory upon request.

Measurement Data

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Standard Features

All Böckmann Horse Trailers for North America include:

  • Adjustable chest/butt bars
  • All wheel mechanical brakes
  • All-wheel WCF-Plus shocks & Coil Spring Suspension
  • Automatic jockey wheel
  • Black kick plates
  • Black plastic fenders
  • Clear PVC on tubular steel stall divider
  • Galvanized steel chassis
  • Hay net hooks
  • Interior lighting
  • Multi-Safe System: adjustable bars for stall length and bar height
  • Ramps covered with safety treads & side stops
  • Integrated locking coupler
  • Rubber stall mat glued and sealed to floor
  • Spare wheel & cover

Trailers are rear ramp-loads with the Door-Ramp Combination - converts to a Step-Up, or makes it easier to load hay bales, pallets of shavings or feed.

Saddle Chest Kits include: broom, shovel, net, & mirror on door