the Champion Series

The Champion series features Böckmann's strong and long lasting anodized aluminum walls and floors. Created for horses up to 17 hands (Champion), or up to 18hands (Big Champion). Well protected by the anodization process, the Champion models are cool and sporty with all the standard safety features for horse and rider. The walls come a standard silver color. The fibreglass portions of the trailers (roof and bow(front) in Champion R- roof only in the C models) are also in a standard silver color but may be ordered in metallic colours of anthracite (speckle black), dark blue or green at no additional cost. Boeckmann standard roof & front bow colours also include Flame Red, Metallic Red, White or Yellow - as an option. Other RAL colours may be ordered, as an option.

The superstructure is constructed of double web profile anodized panels - the strongest profile available. These panels house air pockets which act as insulators for the horses riding within. Equipped with the European mechanical braking system, galvanized steel side braces and chassis, Champions provide both safety and stability for your horse.


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