Trailer Details

Horse Loading

An anxious horse and an anxious handler never have fun loading a trailer. European horse trailer engineers have designed a trailer with horse loading in mind.

The Full-Length Loading Ramp

  • Reduces the angle of loading – easier to load/unload horses.
  • Allows a cautious horse to have all 4 feet on the ramp as it backs down, so it can have all four feet on the same plane.
  • Anti-slip rubber on loading ramps.
  • Galvanized steel spines to prevent the ramp from flexing as horses come on and off.
  • Oil -filled shocks to ease raising and lowering.

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  • The fully removable divider can be swung to either side of the trailer, or entirely removed.
  • Lots of headroom ahead of the chest bar to allow horses to lower their heads for balance and to clear their sinuses.
  • Different trailers for different horses and different trailering needs.
  • Chest and butt bars are adjustable from a 12 hand pony to an 18 hand warm blood.
  • Simple release system on chest and butt bars are easy to use.

Front Loading Option

Although most horses will learn to walk backward off a trailer…some just won’t! Ask Maple Lane Equestrian Trailers about front unload options!

Horse Loading Video

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