Frequently Asked Questions


  • I'd like a tackroom in my new Boeckmann trailer. Is that possible?
  •   ABSOLUTELY- It is now. Boeckmann has just announced that the already awesome Portax family of trailers will now include four new longer models !!!!!!  Portax L SR, Portax L SKA, Portax L E and Portax L K .  Look for diagrams and more info in the coming days. These trailers are in such high demand in the other 30 countries that sell Boeckmann, the first ones ordered in June 2017 will be available early 2018- so don't wait to get yours. 
  • These Trailers Look Great- Do I Need A Truck To Pull Them?


ABSOLUTELY NOT- Cars with 93” wheelbase or SUVs with 100” wheelbase, that develop 125 HP,(V-6 and Tow Package Rec.) can easily and safely tow these trailers.


  • Who Thought Of This- Towing A Loaded 2 Horse Trailer With A Car Or A Small SUV? 


The Europeans, who have dealt with expensive fuel costs forever, but refused to give up their equestrian lifestyles. The Germans have perfected it with the Boeckmann trailers.


  • This Trailer Looks Really Well-Balanced, Am I Right? How Balanced Are These Trailers?


Yes, most of these trailers place only 211 lbs on your vehicles hitch. The new Portax with extra size and tack rooms place just 220 lbs on your hitch- still not very much and one reason a smaller vehicle can tow a Boeckmann.


  • Have These Trailers Just Been Developed ?  I don't dare to buy something that hasn't been tested.


No!! The Boeckmann family has been making their trailers since the 1950’s when their own family rode and competed with horses and they needed safe, comfortable and convenient transportation. Boeckmann Horse Trailers hold a huge share of the European market. They are presently sold in more than 30 countries.


  • I’ve Never Seen One Of These Trailers By Boeckmann Before- Why?


Boeckmann Trailers, developed in the 1950’s are sold in over 30 countries worldwide but only recently became available to purchase here in the US. Boeckmann Texas Trailers is only the second Boeckmann dealership in the US ! 


  • Do I have to install a brake controller in my tow vehicle and adjust it just right so I won’t lock up my trailer brakes and make a bald patch on my new trailer tires?


No (:  Boeckmann Horse Trailers have Mechanical Braking that actually work without a controller. The Trailers sense when the tow vehicle is slowing and apply the brakes, so the trailer won’t push the towing vehicle. 


  • Are these small trailers comfortable for my horse to travel in? Why?


In addition to the spacious light colored and well padded, adjustable height and length stalls, the available WCFPlus features traveling comfort with the World Class chassis/suspension built to automotive standards - with galvanized independent coil spring suspension, additional rubber dampers and wheel shock absorbers. To improve the ride, the coupler rotates 30 degrees about the ball allowing the coupler  (not the trailer and horse) to absorb rapid changes in terrain for example, leaving a paved road into a parking lot or a dirt driveway or bumpy pasture/field.  


  • These trailers look kind of small; can they really hold my 17.1 Warmblood?


Yes, Big Champions, Big Masters, and all the Portaxes are engineered to safely transport 2 18 H horses. Regular Champions safely haul 2- 17 H horses.


  • How much weight can these trailers tow?  


Big Champion tows 3309 lbs. of payload; Big Master Hauls 3071 lbs of payload and the Portax K & E models tow 2912 lbs. of payload. Bigger Portaxes being introduced to US this summer will tow 2912 lbs.


  • One of my horses is not a willing loader, why would he get in a Boeckmann?


The Boeckmanns are designed to welcome horses into a bright, spacious, safe environment, rather than the dark cave that most trailers appear to horses.


  • I’d like to have a trailer with a back ramp and front exit ramp, can a Boeckmann provide that option?


Yes Portax K has and some of the new bigger Portaxes will have a front exit ramp for those horses & owners that would rather walk on and walk off or for traveling veterinarians that are working to transport compromised horses. 


  • I’m used to step up trailers, what if my horse and I don’t favor ramps?


Actually the Boeckmann ramps are extra long, allowing horses to get all 4 feet on the same plane and more at ease with loading. But, for those who prefer step up trailers- Portaxes come standard and other models offer an option for a convertible ramp/door entry. These can be converted instantly by one person and no tools- undoing one lever and pulling a pin. Voila- ramp is now door and you can always haul hay, shavings or help someone move. 


  • The center divider is clear. Why?


The clear divider helps the horse see the trailer as a large welcoming open space rather than a small, dark, scary slot they must enter.


  • My horses sometimes nip/worry each other- how can I prevent that? 


The Boeckmanns have two optional head dividers to chose from to meet that need.


  • These trailers look small compared to my Goose Neck, where will I put my tack?


Each trailer (unless ordered without) comes with a lit, lockable and organized tack closet that has 2 racks (some swiveling) for saddles, bridle racks, clothes hanger, a broom, a shovel, pocket storage and a Mirror. Some models come with Western Saddle racks, but the regular racks are sturdy and extend 29-30” out, so could accommodate most western tack. See above- now full sized tackrooms are available early 2018. 


  • Where would I tie my horse if he wasn’t put in a stall (at a trail ride or other such event)?


Each trailer comes with strong steel tie locations 2 on each side and the 3 ramp braces have 3 tie spots. In addition- there is an optional curvy tie bar that doubles to hold your English saddle while tacking/untacking. 


  • Are these trailers easy to clean so I can spend more time riding, yet provide my horse with a fresh clean environment each trip ?


Yes- the mats are securely glued down on the anodized aluminum floors so no fluids can get at them. Just park with the rear flat or slightly downhill and after getting the manure and heavy shavings accumulation out- grab a hose, stand at the front and spray all that remains away really quickly.


  • I have a shorter stature horse (Icelandic, Haffie, Morgan or pony) and a tall horse. Can I use this trailer to tow both safely and comfortably? 


Absolutely! The MSS system provides two instant height adjustments for the chest bar and three heights for the butt bar, which also gets longer as the medium and top height adjustments are chosen. In addition both chest and butt bars can be collapsed from outside the trailer if one of the horses gets over the chest bar or stuck under the butt bar.  Rare, but it has happened in straight trailers before. It is simple- just use the provided broom handle (in tack closet) or any straight handled tool and twist the steel loops outside the trailer to safely release the chest or butt bars from the outside without getting in with a terrified and possibly dangerous horse.


  • The ramps look longer than usual? Why?


The ramps are longer by design so that the horse can get all 4 feet on one plane and feel more secure entering the trailer- good for your horse.

Also the ramps are great non-skid material and have side stops to help keep the horse from accidentally scooting off one side.


  • Is there ample ventilation in these trailers?


In a word, Yes. The interiors are white and stay cooler even when out in the heat of Texas. The vents direct the air to the horses chest and flanks and help keep them cool and comfortable while traveling. Optional additional windows are available though on some models if desired.


  • I see some really great graphic art on several of these trailers. How do I get the one(s) in a size I want?


The Art or Decor as it is called is, for Boeckmann by the amazing artist Jan Kunster (Bonn,Germany). He has developed many horse designs exclusively for the Boeckmann line of Horse Trailers/Transports. These come in two sizes and incorporate several breeds and disciplines to make your new custom Boeckmann Horse Trailer truly unique.


  • Although the Boeckmann Trailers seem to come with many safety and creature comforts built in- are there options available for my trailer?


Yes, too many to detail here- including but not limited to several colors/combinations of colors, matching fenders and side braces, external tie bars, head dividers, hitch covers to protect your investment from weather when not in use, extra floor mats and chest bar padding, lockable rear flap(above ramp), alloy rims, rear view mirror, air vent in roof, additional interior lighting etc. 


These trailers are great but I want a bigger tack room or even a small dressing room. Will that ever happen? Yes!! Boeckmann has just announced that they are going to be offering three new models with larger tack rooms and one with a small dressing room (: They can be ordered now and will be built and arriving early 2018. Demand worldwide is huge. Call or email now to get details and to order yours.