Why Bockmann?

A 65 Year Old Tradition of Excellence

A success story which began in Germany in 1956. In pursuit of developing the best possible trailer and because the company’s trailers are used for the Böckmann family’s personal horses, they have been continually improved over the years. Böckmann has become the market leader for horse trailers. From the lower ramp angle for loading, to the Multi-Safe System (MSS), the following standard features were developed as a result of the family’s experiences with their own horses for over 60 years!

Load with Ease

An anxious horse and an anxious handler never have fun loading a trailer. European trailer engineers have designed a trailer with loading in mind.

The full-length loading ramp:
  • Reduces the angle of loading - easier to load/unload horses.
  • Allows the horse to have all four feet on the same plane, as it backs down the ramp.
  • Anti-slip rubber and side stops on loading ramps.
  • Galvanized steel spines to prevent ramp from flexing as horses come on and off.
  • Gas-filled shocks to ease raising and lowering.
Horses do not like to enter small enclosed spaces, so European trailers create a space that can be made as open as you require:
  • Fully removable divider can be swung to either side of the trailer for loading, or entirely removed.
  • Lots of head room ahead of the chest bar to allow horses to lower their heads for balance and to clear their sinuses.
  • Different size trailers for different size horses and different trailering needs.
  • Chest and butt bars are adjustable from a 12 hand pony to an 18 hand warm blood.
  • Simple release system on chest and butt bars are easy to use.
  • Quick release system on chest and butt bars accessed from outside the trailer
Front Unload Option

Although most horses will learn to walk backwards off a trailer, some just refuse to do it. The Portax models offer a front unload option – very popular with veterinarians!

Horse Safety & Comfort

Böckmann trailers have been designed with your horses' safety and comfort in mind.

Simply Hitch-And-Go!

  • Lightweight and balanced chassis
  • Protect your knuckles with no hard, jagged edges on hitch corners
  • All hinges and bolt heads have been rounded off
  • Convenient tack storage
  • Hit the road with ease and comfort for your horses